How to recover disabled adsense account – Adsense Appeal

How to recover disabled adsense account – Adsense Appeal


Adsense account disabled is the most common problem nowadays. Adsense account Disabled is not only for you a new experience, lot of online marketers already have a good experience with AdSense account disabled. It’s really bad experience when suddenly google disabled your AdSense account without any furthur notice and you lost all your effort.

My Experience with AdSense account disabled

A lot of online users fall economic crisis after suddenly disabled AdSense account without any reason. Frankly, say, I have also a good experience with this. On 17 September 2016, google suddenly disabled my account without giving any reason. After disabled my AdSense account in September 2016 , Google Again disabled my another AdSense account on 17 October 2016. Is not google crazy!!!

I was going to lost 1300$ from those two accounts. Truly say, after suddenly banned my both Adsense account I was little frustrated . its normal. Is not it?

How i recover my disabled AdSense account

But a few days later, I got a good news. After submitting appeal form, google reinstated my an account. Its was really shocking news because of the chance for reinstating Adsense account is only less than 5% . So why not it was shocking.

How you will recover Disabled AdSense account

Anyway , if your AdSense account also disabled for invalid click activity , leave expectation to reinstate Adsense account. I don’t want to frustrate you again but it is hard true that there have pretty low change reinstate your Adsense account. But we can take a last changed if you are also from that 5 %.

Before submit Adsense disabled account appeal form, just follow step I listed below:

Step-01: Remove the violation website

Removed all AdSense code from your website. If you have more website, you need also removed those code. Because google does not mention specific site which site actually violet google terms and condition.

In the email explaining the banning of your account , google just say “your account disabled due to invalid click activity” . This doesn’t mean the rest of the content is good. Check your entire site for violated content, remove it.

Step-02: Check your website to webmaster tools if hacked

If you did not find any violation of the content on your site, then check your website .If your website with any harmful code and it cause harmful the visitor ,it will be identified as a violation and may be disabled your AdSense account. So go to google webmaster tools and check for malware on the website.

Step 03: Submit google Invalid Activity Appeal form

Go to Google Adsense invalid activity appeal form and fill up it properly as shown below:
google adsense recover
Complete all parts of the Adsense Appeal Form! .Below answer that you actually need when you will submit appeal form.

Enter your contact information
Name *
Answer: Md.Harunur Roshid ( Must matched with adsense account payee Name)

Contact email address *?
Answer: ( use any, but would be better using same)

AdSense login email *
Answer: (Your Adsense Gmail)

Your AdSense Publisher ID *
Answer: ca-pub-8201783448226569 (Your publisher ID)

Example URLs where you’ve placed your ads *
Answer: ( put your website address where you placed your AdSense)

Did you receive a notification regarding your account being disabled? *
Answer: No

Please provide us with information as to why your account should be reconsidered

Dear Google Adsense Support Team
I genuinely apologize for the trouble that my account and its closure have caused not only me but also you the company, as well as your third party advertisers. I am really sorry that this situation arose and would enjoy the privilege of having our case reviewed and our account reinstated. If you look at our account history, you will notice that we have never had any issues with fraud or any violation of Google’s TOS before

Unfortunately this was out of our hands at that point, so I completely agree with Google on disabling my account at that moment in order to protect your advertisers, but please bear in mind that we have never had any problems with our advertisers as we are facing now, nor have our traffic statistics skyrocketed in the direction that we have seen. I have since talked to various individuals to help me learn more about safeguarding how my ads are displayed, and I have taken the following steps to ensure that something like this will not happen again:

1. I have read and re-read the Google TOS and taken steps to ensure my websites undoubtedly comply with all Google terms.

2. Purchased software for my website to monitor all activity to ensure that all fraudulent activity is stopped and prevented.

3. Will make use of the Google Allowed-Sites feature in the Adsense program to ensure that advertisements appear only on sites that I allow them to and that comply with Google Adsense Program Policies.

So please review our case and please deduct any earnings that are involved with the questionable activity. I do not wish any advertiser to have paid for fraudulent clicks and I will do everything I can to ensure that my sites continue to comply with this program’s policies.

I have enjoyed your program up to this incident and would really love to enjoy the opportunity to work with Google again.

Once again, thank you for your consideration, and I await your response to our case and will continue to ask you to review our case. I have really enjoyed Google, and I’m not going to let it slip away because of somebody who liked the idea of sending fraudulent clicks through our account.

Finally, I will do everything in my power to keep myself in compliance with Google as well as a valued publisher!

As an additional step, we no longer allow our site to open in frames or iframes, to eliminate chances of passing unwanted parameters to our pages by third parties.

Attached are traffic statistics for,, and The IP addresses our company uses are 34.342.356.12 and 607.34.325.2.
Thank you for your time,
Kindly review my account for compliance

Md Harunur Roshid
Website Name
Contact Number

Before submit You should Remember

Keep emotion – remember , you need to Keep your emotions to yourself. Don’t write your emotion there.Do not rush when you will submit an appeal form. Wait at least 3-5 days after your AdSense disabled.

Read Policies – Read the Google Adsense Program Policies very carefully.

Find out Reason– Try to find out why to google disabled your AdSense account.Even if you feel you have found the reason , look more for other issues on your website.

Make sure that everything is correct – Double Ensure that your site fully complies with google Adsense terms and condition. Again , Make sure your website looks very much honest, clean, professional and trustworthy.

Once again, I am saying, spent more time and write very carefully .Write with honest, professional, and respectful. AND COME TO THE POINT!!

After submit You should Remember

Be Polite – You should being professional with polite. As we know , Google is one of the top companies in the world.So never try to send spam for your frustration and anger will inspire them to reinstate your account.

Patience – After you submit your appeal, you end up on a page that tells you that you need to wait until you will receive a response. Don’t resubmit your appeal again before received any mail. Remember, google review lot of accounts in days and they need times to back a response. it took a week to hear back from them. Another thing, you can submit appeal form only for one time. If you resubmit, they never received any mail from you and you will lose your account forever.

If your appeal denied

Google very much strict regarding their policy . Google AdSense program policies hardly trying to ensures a positive experience for publishers, visitors, and advertisers. So the decisions once taken might be final . so if they reject your application, there is no guarantee that your AdSense account would get reactive again. Leave expectation!!!

Note that you can send only one appeal for your AdSense account. The additional appeal form will not be taken into consideration and they never received any mail even you send again. So be careful when you appeal for reinstating of your lost account. Otherwise, you will be lost your AdSense account forever. No way will leave for your account reactive.

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Hope this helped you recover your banned AdSense account! .If you think this post useful , then please share it with your friends.

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  1. Thanks harunur. Your alternative way work for me.Recently, i was submit a appeal form using your alternative form. and google reactive my account. Thanks a lot