Bounce rate analytics – What is a good bounce rate in google...

Bounce rate analytics – What is a good bounce rate in google analytics

bounce rate

Google analytics bounce rate is the most important ranking factor for any website. So we have to fully understand what bounce rate is and how it impact to your website ranking.

What is bounce rate?

As we know bounce means “Jump” . So easy to say “Bounce Rate” means Jump Rate when a user jumps your site to another site. Bounce rate is the percentage of those visitors who just goes back to your website on the first page. But does not visit the inner pages.after a visitor comes to your site , How long time they spent on your site and how much time later they go back , it actually called jump or bounce rate. But frankly, to say, a visitor will back it’s a normal thing. Here the measurement for the time. If a user goes back from your site within 30 seconds , then actually it will be count as a bounce rate.

How to calculate website bounce rates

Bounce rates = Reading out the one number of pages / Total Visits * 100

I explain a little more, for example, a total of 20,000 visitors come to your site per month. If you read the first pages of the 10,000 visitors to the site goes out. Thus, if your site’s bounce rate calculations will be 10,000 / 20,000 * 100 = 50%. So 50% of your site’s bounce rate

Now question is what rates is better for my website? . Before finding out, we can mark rate as describe below:

80% -100% = Awful
55%-80% = Bad
55% – 40% =Average
40% – 25% = Good
0% – 25% = Excellent

It is important to keep in mind, lower bounce rate is well performance for search engine optimization (SEO). But Higher is bad performance for search engine optimization (SEO)

Average bounce rate for websites

Average bounce rate for websites Average bounce rate for websites 55% bounce rate is the moderate average rate. But if the bounce rate goes above 60%, then you will have to pay special attention to this issue.If it is 50% plus , then remember your website with a red alert for the search engine.You need take an action to decreased your bounce rate as soon as possible.

How to check bounce rate in google analytics

Check Bounce Rate in Google Analytics
Check Google Analytics

Through Google Analytics tools,We can check our Web site bounce rate.Google analytics tools help you show Each page the bounce rate of your website.

Also how your website (organic search, paid search, etc.), visitors come to your site and bounce rate for the previous review period, including many other important data shows.By using this tools You can easily calculate your website bounce rate.

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Why bounce rate is important?

This is very important fact for our website. Becuase whatever we do, our the main target is visitor and the Most of visitor comes from organic search. We want all that our sites rank higher in Google search engine.The biggest search engine Google should be our first target. Bounce rate is most important ranking factor for every website.If your bounce rate is going to high, other hand your website rank going to low. We know Google has billions of the searches every day.If you lost google search rank , you will be lost lot of organic visitor. So try to deacreased your rate for get better search result.

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