How to make money on youtube – 1000$ Month

How to make money on youtube – 1000$ Month

How to make money on youtube
Make money from youtube

How to make money on youtube? It is a common question for most youtubers. Not only for Newbie Youtubers, even old YouTubers , think how to make money on youtube. When last year , first time I was thinking that I will make money on youtube, I start search every day on google and read a lot of article for how to make money on youtube.

I think you are the same stage!!! . am I right? However, making money on youtube is the little bit easy than any others source online making money. Here I am going to share my real life experience about it.

The first time, when I decided I will earn money from online, I choose a blogging platform. Start writing a blog and approved an AdSense account. Start hard working to write a blog every day. Writing a unique article is not so easy. Although I am trying to continue write an article on regular basis. But after 3-5 month later, my daily earn was only few cent. How I live with this. Is it possible for anyone? Absolutely not!!!

Now what. Start again and again search on google, how make money online .Finally, i have seen a lot of YouTubers make million by using very simple way. Then again I decided work with youtube. Here I describe my real life experience how to make money on youtube.

How to make money on youtube

After research online and when start working on it, I have found a lot of tips there for making money on youtube.It was really so simple that I don’t know before. I am describing here step by step how I make money on youtube.

Approved Youtube Adsense Account

Before making money on youtube, you need to approved youtube AdSense account first. To get Approval a youtube Adsense account is not a big deal . It’s very easy. Just go to youtube and create a youtube channel. Then enabled monetize Feature.After enabled Monetize feature, You will get a mail from youtube to apply Adsense account. After applying for Adsense account, you will get an another mail within 3 hours that your AdSense account fully approved. Watch this video for approved your AdSense account. If you already approved your Adsense account then you can skip this step.

Video Ideas for Youtube Channel

This is the most important part for your youtube channel . Because , without quality video, you can’t success on youtube. You must need upload on youtube quality video only. Here quality means what actually people want to watch on youtube. So think first, what you are skill with. What type video you can make easily. After choosing your video categories, start making the video and upload them on youtube and monetized them.

There have lot of video making ideas like Create something for homemade , Scientific Things , People Challenging act, Cooking ,Tutorial , Unboxing Cool Products , Product and Service review, Gaming , Musical Instrument playing and singing , Comedy Action, Lifestyle advice, Health and fitness , Inner Talent,animal funny act,Makeup, dress, beauty , travelling and many more.

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Start making video

How you start making a video, depend on what type video you are going to make.Example if want to make technology tutorial video, then you need to install Screen recorder extension on chrome and record your skill and upload it on youtube. If you are going to make video Unboxing Cooling Product, then you just need a camera and record video when you unpacked it . Isn’t is very simple. If you are going to make a video for traveling, challenging, animal fun then you just need a good mobile phone and record real-life events.

Start Upload Video and Monetize

I think this is too much easy. after making your video, log in on youtube and start upload. after upload On monetize option for making money on it. Remember , if your video more than 10 min, then you can use multiple adds under your single video. More ads mean more ear.

Optimized Your video properly

This is the most important part for search rank. How people find your video. Must be from google or youtube. Am I right? So use the proper title and description match with your video content.

Start Sharing Your Videos

As we know social sharing is a big source for instant traffic. For greeting rank to your video , you must share your video to get instant traffic. If you got traffic from social media and if you write proper video title and description, then your video get visitor continue from a search engine.

Finally , How make 1000$ or more a month

Make video daily or at least three videos weekly and upload it on youtube at the same time .Continue work minimum 6 months . I am sure your earn will be 500$ to 1000$ per month . is not great ?. I think so!!!

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