How to Start Vlogging Youtube Channel – Daily Vlog Ideas

How to Start Vlogging Youtube Channel – Daily Vlog Ideas


Vlogging is basically video blogging who talk in front of a camera about lifestyle, knowledge, opinion, concern, and daily life events. How to Start Vlogging, this the common question every new YouTubers. If you are also a new YouTuber and already decide to start vlogging, then you are in right way.Becuase It’s really a simple idea to start a youtube channel. Female has more advantage than male to start vlogging channel.

Becuase a female can focus easily her daily life. Example you can focus how your daily college life, which dresses you looks good or what habit you think good or bad. This is the example only. Actually, there has no specific topic for vlogging. You can talk about anything but just remember you need to focus what tips you are going teach or share.

Isn’t it simple? I think so. So are you ready for start vlogging. Want to become a successful vlogger. Want to learn how to start vlogging. I am describing here step by step how to start vlogging.

Step 1: Find Out a Good Vlogging Camera

Canon PowerShot G7 XRemember, Video Quality is the main key for Youtube video.People never like to enjoy bad quality videos and i think you also.High-quality videos have more view and subscriber possibility. So before start vlogging you need to choose the best camera.If you find out a best vlogging camera, your vlogging becomes more easier and faster. There have a lot of vlogging cameras. But I suggest you use Canon PowerShot G7 X (Compact). You can also use Canon EOS 5D Mark III (DSLR).

Step 2 : Create a Vlogging Channel

This step is the easiest step. I think we already know how to create a new channel. Just choose a good name and create a channel. Don’t forget to Use a nice channel art.

Step 3 : Start Recording Your Vlog

start vlogActually, This step is the most important step for your vlog. In this step, you need to record your opinion in front of the camera.It is totally open like as a journal and as a personal blog. You can talk about any topics like opinions of your own life, many opinions about current news and events, share your knowledge, give any advice, your concern, About health, relationships, money, career and education, personal experience much more that actually happen in real life.Just think about any topics that will be easiest for you and then start talking in front of your camera.

Step 4 : Edit Your Vlog

After record you vlog, you need to edit your vlog for a look more professional. Cut out some footage that you don’t like in your vlog. There have a lot of free and paid video editing software. I personally use Corel video studio x8. You can also use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 5.5.2 .

Step 5 : Upload Your Vlog on Youtube

After record and edit your vlog, you just need to upload your vlog on youtube. We know all how to upload a video on youtube.

Step 6 : Enabled Monetize

Now you need enabled monetize option under your youtube channel and on monetize for your every video.

Step 7 : Promote Your Video

You have to social media account like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and more and after upload, you video you need to share.

Step 8 : Keep Going On !

Remember, Success never comes in one day. So if you want to see success as a vlogger , you need to continue to upload your video on youtube, share your video on social media sites, reply comments. If you doing well 4-5 month continue, you can see you are a success as a vlogger.

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