How to reduce bounce rate on your website – Exit Rate Decreased

How to reduce bounce rate on your website – Exit Rate Decreased

reduce bounce rate

Most of webmaster or SEO expert, who never think that bounce rate is an important part of every website. In fact, many of them believe, bounce rate does not to be involved with SEO.

Everyone gives all the emphasis on one thing, top priority for SEO creates backlink SEO. They think to create backlink is one of most important for SEO.

But you ever wondered, what is the bounce rate? And how significant bounce rate for your website.

I will say, you may never think about your website bounce rate. Never think, how to reduce bounce rate of your website.

Speak the truth, like everybody else, at the beginning, I have thought that bounce rate is nothing. Think, no need waste time thinking about the bounce rate .No need. And Just Forget it. In other words, the bounce rate was a subject for neglect.

But today I must say, I was completely wrong. And as far as I believe that you are also walking the wrong way.For understanding how much important the bounce rate On SEO, before you need to understand what bounce rate.

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A user, who visits your website, not just like any of the pages, then jump to another Web site in 30 seconds, the county is the bounce rate. The meaning of the user who does not like your website or does not desired information at the site for that he jumped to another.

This is most important Google Ranking Factor that google takes a website on the first page depends on how many users like or dislike your website.

So think now, how important reduce bounce rate for your website.

How to reduce the bounce rate of your website

To maintain the site bounce rate normal or reduce bounce rate, there have few rules. But actually, there has no any fixed way to reduce bounce rate of your website. It depends on lot of things. Remember to reducing bounce rate of your website, you need to give first priority for better user experience.

I write down below few issues of reduced your website bounce rate wish it will help you.

01) Post for the search engines but not for readers

post for readersIt is a major mistake. If someone posts an article is thinking only about SEO and use Additional Keyword in the post, as one side user will be boring to reading and another side the engines will be considered as spam. So to stay a visitor on your website, avoid use additional keyword. Write for the reader, never think write for search engines. Its gradually help you reduce bounce rate of your site.

02. Too Much Long Post

long postAccording to a study, a user is usually read by 28% of 100% and leave the rest without reading. Write only Correct and information avoid write a large article. Although your article goes large, then use point and don’t length your paragraph. Short post encourages a user to read carefully your post and when a user post carefully, it helps to reduce bounce rate of your website.

03.Related posts

related postWhen a visitor visits your site and reads any of your website posts. If he likes your post, He would naturally for want know more details on this. He referred the matter to see whether there are any related posts or not. If there have no any related post, the user jump another site its normal think. And thus increase your site’s bounce rate. So try as much as possible on any subject to keep more informative with related posts. It will help to encourage read more post. It would be helpful to reduce bounce rate of your site.

04) Incorrect information and copy-paste posts

copy pasteThis point takes a vital role to increase your website bounce rate. To remember, why do visitors come to the site? A visitor comes to the site to collect the necessary information. Incorrect information highly discouraged to a user and they cannot depend on your website. So be careful about the content writing. The precise content to be posted that user can depend on your information. Otherwise, user clicks back button and back to search result again to collect information from another site.

05) Irrelevant keywords

Irrelevant keywordsNever use any irrelevant keywords. As a result, visitors cannot find relevant information to the site to search with the irrelevant. And of course, the title and description must be careful match with your keyword. It’s true, if you can give correct information, the visitor will not go away easily from your site. But even given right information, if your title and description do not match with your keyword, user leave your site fast. And Because of this, visitors will be able to go back and increase the bounce rate. So use the information what is the correct keyword.

06) Unprofessional Site Design

Unprofessional Site DesignThere is a proverb in English “First Impression is the last impression”. So you can understand, to reduce the bounce rate on your site, your site will decorate as well as at first glance it takes the visitors to your site. Do not fill your site with huge animations .Avoid unnecessary graphics. Try to maintain your site is a natural beauty, there is no need of artificial. Make it simple.

07) Mobile Friendly

mobile friendlyAt present, the use of smartphones is so much increasing. Therefore, the number of smartphone users is much higher among Web users. A reader is shown that nowadays 87% of internet users now have a smartphone. So, if your website not seen correctly on the smartphone, then you will lose site visitors to a particular part.

08) Site Loading time

page speedIf the site to load takes more time to be load, it able to increase your site’s bounce rate. Visitors will leave your site if your website takes a long time to loading. If your website takes more time to load, the visitor will be a bore and irritated browser’s back button and go back to the search engine’s results page. So, keep an eye on the site loading time. You should be ensured that the site is open very quickly.

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09: Use Pop-up ads

pop up- dsAvoid use pop up ads on your site. Pop up ads feels boring a user. I have seen many blogs as they use pop-up help to increase the subscriber. Pop-up applied for a reader to subscribe. This pop-up is discouraged rather than encouraged to subscribe to the reader. The first entry in the pop-up box that becomes irritating to a user. Therefore, refrain from the use of pop-ups.

10) Irrelevant Backlink

irrelevant backlinkI say that at first, do not create a backlink to the wrong place. It’s a big part of the blame for increasing your site’s bounce rate. So create an only relevant place. A lot of SEO Expert think, they just need to create backlink whatever it relevant or not. Wrong think. If create backlink for SEO, then only relevant place. As a result, your site will get better rank and also reduce your bounce rate.

11) User-friendly Navigation

User-friendly NavigationOf course, the site should be easy navigation (Category or menu to add). The main thing is the site to look to a professional. Above all, the site must be with responsive layout. Keep in mind that your site should be a desktop, mobile, and tablets compatibility. This is a very important matter now.

13. Internal linking on the relevant word

Internal linking on the relevant wordAnother point is, the inside of the post creates an internal linking on to the word. As a result, after reading a post, the visitors will be interested to read more post. Through which view the pages in your site will be doubled. Which is able to reduce the bounce rate.

14) Using too Much Advertise

Additional ads on your site make a user bore. Due to additional advertising on your site, may lose attention to read your post and encourage to leave your website. So if you want to reduce the bounce rate of your site, you should refrain from additional advertising displays.

15) The Auto Play Video

stop auto playMany users work in open multi-tabs. Sometimes they listening music headphones or speakers at work. It was irritating them when suddenly auto play a music or video and they close tab as fast as possible. Therefore, if any video you have on your site, then turn off auto play.

16) Archive pages or create Sitemaps

Archive pages or create a Sitemap Sitemaps are vital for a site. A list of all posts on the site’s archives is kept. Usually seen in years or months based archive. The reader stays a long time on your site will be able to easily post to all of your sites through browse to Archive page. And we know if user spent more time on your site, it helps reduce bounce rate.

17) Comments

blog commentsComments of readers interested in reading the post makes. So implement comment system on your site.

18) Visitors comes way

Various popup windows open is to come to the site. The user can cause irritation. In many cases, it can cause a breach in confidentiality. Before loading your site, if splash page shows, your site visitors will return in most cases. So you should be avoided the splash pages to reduce the bounce rate as the visitor might easily come to your site.

19) Participate option of site visitor

Add some options for your site, where readers can participate in the negotiations and could storm. Above all, make sure your site visitors will participate on your site. So visitors will be attracted to your site and spend more time on your site. As a result, your site’s bounce rate will be reduced. Remember it’s an important feature for reducing bounce rate of your website.

20) Contact Page

contact pageAny product or any of your site visitors may have something special like that. But due to lack of communications on the user cannot interact with you. Negative ideas about whether your site can bring. So add a contact page.

I hope that if you follow the above factors can reduce the bounce rate for your site.

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