Search Engines – Internet Search Engines

Search Engines – Internet Search Engines

search engines

What the search engines?

The search engines mean that for a specific keyword or keywords specific program on the basis of various documents or document stored on a closed list of users is displayed. This implies that the search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which helps to find information on the Internet.

The concept of search engine

The question may come, from the head of the search engine is the origin of the idea? Mark McCahill, a student at the University of Minnesota graph as a text file in which the application was made in a specific sequence, which will be arranged in sequence can be compared to the index and searched for him, and they show it. This was made the first public website on the Internet.

The history of the modern search engine

Search Engine Now it has come to a great extent. Now we understand what the search engines it is the origin in 1993. Matthew Grey was the first to discover the search engines. His name was Onedex. Onedex launched the first program called index system And displays the results on the web pages were indexed. These main methods are based on the All search engines. From 1993 until 1998, all the major search engines have emerged.

  • Excite – 1993 Year
  • Yahoo -1994 Year
  • Web crawler – 1994 Year
  • Lycos – 1994 Year
  • Infoseek – 1995 Year
  • AOL – 1995 Year
  • Ask – 1997 Year
  • Google – 1997 Year
  • MSN – 1998
  • Baidu – 2000 Year
  • Yandex – 2000 Year

  • In addition, currently, there are a lot of search engines. For example DuckDuckgo, Dogpile etc

    Types of search engine

    The search engines can be divided in different ways from different angles.

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Targeted
  • This category of search engines is at the core of their algorithm or their tactics.

    Primary Search Engine

    As we understand search engine , actually they are the primary search engine. Such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Since the primary search engine will enter the most traffic to your site.

    So, for SEO You should be the highest priority the primary search engine.
    Each search engine is different from one another . Although, Lycos search engine started a long time ago than Google search engine,but Google is now most popular search engine in the world.Ask the question why? Google displays the most accurate.

    In addition ,Most of the primary search engines provide many other services such as e-mail, maps, news, and various types of service applications This does not change the type of services to the user’s search, but also encourages users to use a specific search engine.

    Google Search Engine

    google search engineGoogle is the king of search engines. Search engine optimization is the most important reason for having the most used search engine. and the main reason for the popularity of Google to optimize the results to the user. Google provides a variety of services, such as e-mail, personalized home pages, but the main reason for the popularity of Google’s search results is faithfulness. Google through its own algorithms to show the most relevant results. Google lead the ranking of a website about more than 200 Google ranking factor.

    Yahoo Search Engine

    yahoo search engineYahoo sites as well as search engines. In general, you can say that web directory.Yahoo list your web page divided into categories and sub-categories. First, Yahoo started as web directories. Over time, All the Web, Altavista, Overture, etc., to be known as a search engine. You will be surprised to know that Google used this link once to show the Yahoo directory. For The different algorithms than Google, Now Yahoo has become even stronger.

    MSN /BING Search Engine

    bing search engineDue to few lacking , Bing is actually not a perfect search engine Like Yahoo or Google. Basically, displays search results depend on the density of keywords. It is the user’s choice of a variety of primary importance is given to the search engine.

    Secondary Search Engine

    Secondary search engines are mainly used in small and specific purposes. For example, Lycos, Ask (Ask for a variety of answers to questions), Looksmart etc. Most secondary search engines show search results based on the sequence of keywords, meta tags, and reciprocal links. Secondary Engines can be used as SEO plan although this will not bring too much traffic like primary Search Engines. However, AOL lost one of the most AOl users. But a number of specific users particularly fell comfortable use AOI.

    Targeted Search Engine

    This search engine use only for specified search.Like As Yahoo! Travel, Musical search, and YouTube.Example,Youtube use Just search for the video. This is actually very little traffic from these sites but they are very important for your targeted traffic to your site.

    Depending on the procedure the search engines can be divided into 5

  • Depending crawler
  • Directory
  • Hybrid
  • Matter
  • Specialized search engines

  • Depending crawler

    Spiders, crawlers, robots, or boots, etc As a special type of application. This type application constantly wanders One webpage to another webpage and they collect data and arrange as a particular class. Displays search results based on the user’s keywords. Google, Ask, etc., depending on the search engine crawlers.


    Directory-based search engines generally sorted data from a variety of site specific . Its can be compared to with your phone directory.Example Yahoo, Open Directory ( are Directory-based search engines.

    Hybrid Search Engines

    When a search engine works with crawler and directory that actually called hybrid search engines. For example Yahoo, Google

    Mate Search Engine

    When search engines collect data from other search engines and show results with all combine, it’s called Mate search engine. For example metacrawlers, Dogpile.

    Special search engines

    Special search engines improve the structure of related searches. The number of rather less numerous, for example –

    For shopping
    Froogle (
    Yahoo shopping (

    Local search
    Find your local area search engine based upon your country

    For domain
    Name lookups – iserve (
    Free parking (

    Freeware and software
    Tucows (
    Senate download (

    There have many ways to the classification of Each search engine. Day by day the intention of the new search engine. Each of the famous for each specific reason. So, for SEO must be knowledgeable about search engines.

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