SEO Ranking Factors – Google Ranking Factors Seo Checklist

SEO Ranking Factors – Google Ranking Factors Seo Checklist

SEO Ranking Factors

As we know, Google, currently the most widely used and popular search engine. Most of the visitor comes from google search engine. A report has shown that Google controls 65 percent of total Search and google still world’s most popular search engine. Google update Their SEO Ranking factors on regular basis. For that, no any online marker can’t spam rank on google. Due to this reason google is now most popular than any others search engine.

So, it is normal that if you want to get a more organic visitor, you need to top priority on google search engine.

However, not only you, everyone wants to show the first page on google their site. But here is a difficult thing that googles never fixed their Search Engine Algorithm. Google every time update their SEO Ranking Factor. Although the Algorithm of Google is Confidential. SEO research experts have come up with different topics for Google ranking of a web page.

Google SEO Ranking Factors, how it work

As we know there have two types of SEO. One of them is Op page SEO and another one is off page SEO. So your SEO ranking factor also two types.

  • 01.On page SEO Ranking Factors
  • 02.Off Page SEO Ranking Factors

  • On page Seo Google Ranking Factor

    Your web page structure plays a very important role for SEO or search engine ranking.What things make a vital role for On the pages of the search engine ranking of the details are given below

    Use Keyword in Title

    Use Keyword in TitleMeta title plays an important role for google search engines. What is the content of a web page, it can be understood to shows in the title. Generally, Search Engines show in their search results as the title shows of web content. So you need to use a Proper keyword in the Content title for that search engine can find your web page easily.

    Try to use keywords in the title first. Actually, they get rank first who use the keyword in first then who use keywords in the middle or at the end. Remember, most search engines use a maximum of 60 characters for the title.

    Keyword Use in Meta Description

    Keyword Use in Meta DescriptionAt present, all of the SEO Specialist give top priority to use a keyword in the meta description. Remember, Meta description is the first impression for a user. A search engine considers your meta description. Using Proper meta keywords possibility increased your search engines rank and user click-through rate. So as much as the possible use proper keyword. Most search engines use a maximum of 160 characters for the description.

    Use Keyword in H2 tags

    Use Keyword in H2 tags
    Use Keyword in H2 tags

    Most of the article writer forget or don’t take care of using the keyword in H2 Tags. Like meta keyword and meta description, use keyword in H2 tags is most important.

    Use keyword in content Page

    Use keyword in content PageAt one time which was Black Hat SEO the whole site had been filled with the keyword. By this process, your site may rank quickly, but later your site will be marked as a spam for google. So avoid the whole site filled with the keyword. You can use the keyword in an article but there has a limit. From YOAST Plugin rules, you can use one keyword per 100 words. So if your article with 1000 words, you may use 10 keywords in your content page.

    The length of the article

    An online user does not satisfy with only basic things. They search online to learn something new every time. As my experience, I search again and again only for a new thing, not for a common thing. Google shows up first in the ranking of sites with information-rich fundamentals. It is a matter of common intelligence of content if you have the opportunity to discuss the issues in detail. Therefore, the content will be always informative and useful topics include.
    The length of the article
    As YOAST WordPress, Minimum 300 words is suitable for an article and you can write more than 2500-3000 words. A report was shown, get google the first page quickly which article with 2200 words. But remember, also lengthy article discourage a user to read your article. So if you write long, then use point in your article and every paragraph should be maximum 200 words.

    Copyright Content

    copyright contentGoogle hate so much copyright content. If you copy any content from another site, google never give you any rank even you ping article from another site. Like a user, google also like new thing every time. So never think copy a single sentence from others site. Remember, unique and copyright content is the most important for Google Seo Ranking Factors to increased or decreased Google ranking.

    Canonical Url

    Canonical UrlSometimes, the two sets in the URL can be the same type written. For example, if you put it on WordPress short URL, then URL appear will two on the same page. Use Canonical tag for this type issue.

    Image Optimization

    image optimization for seoMany of article writer never think that image optimization is important for SEO. They forget image optimization or neglect this subject. I think you also. Not also this, but also maximum blogger use just download and upload the image from search engines. This is the major mistake. Never do this. Use unique image on your content and optimized it properly with use alt text, title, and description.

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    Outbound Links

    Outbound LinksGoogle Trusted confidant seen survives if your website links to the trusted websites. Think very deeply, why you send your site user to another. Of course for more details. How much clever google! This is a symbol of loyalty to Google. But too much outbound links will slow your site page rank. So use outbound links carefully. Use only trusted the site and don’t repeat it every time.


    inter-linkingInterlinking between the various pages of your site pages will increase power. Create internal Linking one article to another. Remember, use the only related article.


    sitemapSite Map helps you to add all the pages on the search engine. It is common, but the most effective method of indicating to Google that how much pages are actually included on the website and google index it for the show on search results.

    Server Location

    SEO Specialist expressed as a variety of specific areas of the site server site rank as the country based.

    Mobile-friendly sites

    mobile friendlyJust 1 year ago, 46% of mobile users used the site search. At present, the figures have increased further. Mobile sites are the most important ranking factor for a website.

    Off Page SEO Factors

    Besides On page SEO Ranking Factor, Off-Page SEO also takes a vital role for greeting rank on google. Below are a few things to mention.

    Number of domains links (Backlinks)

    backlinkFor greeting search ranking, how many domains are associated with your site is important. Here, you need to remember, create backlink only High PR, Low PR Backlink may down your rank.

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    The number of link pages

    Not just the domain, how much pages are linking to another domain is also important.

    Back linking Page Rank

    I have already told, high PR backlink will your site rank quickly than low PR backlink.

    Relevant Links

    related postMany SEO experts believe that Links to relevant pages on the Google ranking ahead.

    Homepage link

    According to SEO experts, home page links more effective than to pages Links.

    Do-Follow and Nofollow Links

    According to Google’s official announcement, Google stop count no follow (rel = no follow) and they count it as a spam link. So do-follow link is an important role in the ranking of the site.

    Diversification link

    A similar anchor link is considered as spam and negative impact on the ranking. So try to link diversification.

    Linking words

    Second, in the ranking of the importance of linking word carries the importance of the search ranking. Same linking words mark as a spam word. So use every time difference word with difference link.

    Domain Factor

    Your domain plays an important role in the google ranking. Google trust a domain more if you register your domain for more than 5 years. 1-year domain register is not trusted domain for google.

    All those things are not enough for SEO Ranking Factors. As we already learn that google every time changed their SEO ranking Factors. So stay on google first page, you should be read an update about their algorithm.

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